Kathleen Stevens is a fourth generation poet. Her accomplishments include eight “Golden Poet” awards, three “Silver Poet” awards with two previously published works with ‘The International Poets Society’. She has authored six books of Poetry and an Art book show-casing her own art work created over the past thirty years. Presently Kathleen is living in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

More from Kathleen Stevens:
I have loved books ever since I can remember.  My greatest gifts as a child was recieving a book of poetry by, Robert Louis  Stevenson for my eighth birthday  and again, on my sixteenth birthday  when I recieved a volume of Shakespeare. In my twenties I  fell in love with  Lord Byron’s writings and in my thirties, the all favorite contemporary writer,  Rod McKuen. My passion for writing started in my early teens with letters to my  grandparents using the thesaurus. I would spend hours writing and rewriting. I  still spend my time writing and rewriting.

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  • I’m glad I found you Kathleen. I truly enjoy reading your poems. You have lots of creativity and experience. I hope to learn more about poetry through your style of writing. Blessings to you in all you do. 🙂

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  • Dear Kathleen,
    It fills my heart with joy to see that you are living your passion and gift through poetry. I loved poetry from a young age, and found it easier to express my thoughts in words after much pondering. LOrd Byron is one of my favourite poets.
    God bless you

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