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I Rest

Published March 21, 2014 by Kathleen's Writings & Art


I rest on my terrace and the sky is clear,

A few wisps of white clouds are drifting near,

I hear the splashing of water in the fountain nearby,

And the garden plants stretch higher each day that passes by.

The evening is warm as shadows commence their dance,

A light kiss from the wind for me and the plants;

It’s peaceful around me,

While birds do their singing,

A lovely chorus for me and

All who will listen;

Our GOD gave us nature,

And sweet designs from above,

Let us give thanks

and learn to be pleased.

Listen, The birds Sing

Published March 5, 2014 by Kathleen's Writings & Art


“Shhhh, listen to the birds sing”,

My grandfather said;

As a young girl I listened,

And the birds sang.

“Shhhh, listen to the birds sing”,

I said as a mother;

My children listened,

And the birds sang.

“Shhhh, listen to the birds sing”,

My children say;

Their children listen,

And the birds sing.


Published March 3, 2014 by Kathleen's Writings & Art


It covers your soul as darkness draping over the sunlight,

Your Spirit seeking the world with penetrating eyes,

An undisputable wave, a persuaded glance,

A vanity inside abides,

Fragmented consumed exhibits –

You build –

Pieces as shattered glass,

Dusted with suffering in prolonged time,

Whirling with frenzy, becoming a dance

With mere thoughts of an empty heart-

Longing an eternity of dual hearts;

You guard your soul knowing your mask

Stands alone and fragile, seeking strength and fortitude,

Posing evolved and amassed, yet with little understanding;

Statutes unfair do never-rest, and never ends,

Leading only to bareness – far and wide;

A prisoner kept inside your encased wearied mask.

Do not accede to life’s ragged hand slaying your treasure,

Disrobe the mask you wear and sanction-

Your love and tranquility in a time to come;

Allow your soul to breathe unleashed –

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