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Angels in the Winds

Published December 14, 2012 by Kathleen's Writings & Art

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Angels in the winds

High above the waters

In a land not forsaken

By God’s own gracious hand.


I count the glowing windows

As I pass them in the night

Rows of little beacons

Showing me there is life.


Moments of comfort,

I am at peace

In the silence of the darkness

As angels watch over me.

A Poet’s Pen

Published December 13, 2012 by Kathleen's Writings & Art

A midsummer night

in my sentiment my muse arose

depositing poetry at task,

with way of pen—

my contemplation obtaining shape,

my face against the wind,

my essence engaging in words realigning,

together with stillness of reason

and spirit unconfined,

mysterious language assembles,

selected in the same way as a trusted friend,

with my muse, I write.

Sweet Designs

Published December 13, 2012 by Kathleen's Writings & Art

I rest on my terrace and the sky is clear,

A few wisps of white clouds are drifting near,

I hear the splashing of water in the fountain nearby,

And the garden plants stretch higher each day that passes by.

The evening is warm as shadows commence their dance,

A light kiss from the wind for me and the plants;

It’s peaceful around me,

While birds do their singing,

A lovely chorus for me and

All who will listen;

Our GOD gave us nature,

And sweet designs from above,

I know that I Thank Him,

I hope it’s enough.

Love’s Attire

Published December 13, 2012 by Kathleen's Writings & Art

5255_1029376152587_3501801_aClothe me in your body’s gown,

Raise my spirit to heaven’s crown,

Through the years of solitude,

I watched the seasons change their moods.


High in the leaves of the old oak tree,

A blue bird sings a cheerful reveille.


My restless spirit fills the air,

The mountain’s presence everywhere,

I lift my hands wearing nature’s somber dress,

Dancing in the moonlight’s painted loveliness.


There is no pain or tears tonight,

As I lay in peaceful sleep once more,

Beneath the sky’s restful spell foretold,


And wait the sun’s waking rise,

And by her side is morning’s fire,

I will clothe you in my love’s attire.

Autumn Play

Published December 13, 2012 by Kathleen's Writings & Art

thanksgiving after

Laughing children on a sunny day,

barns stacked full with fresh baled hay,

ripe apples on trees in a row,

autumn leaves scattered on the ground below,

Children playing in flowered fields,

grazing horses dot the rolling hills,

night is nigh with star splashed sky,

and night will dance with fireflies.

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