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My Muse

Published December 28, 2013 by Kathleen's Writings & Art

Kathleen's Writings & Art

A midsummer night in my sentiment
my muse arose depositing poetry at task,
with way of pen—my contemplation
obtaining shape,
my face against the wind,
my essence engaging in words realigning,
together with stillness of reason
and spirit unconfined,
mysterious language assembles,
selected in the same way
as a trusted friend,
with my muse, I write.

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Autumn Play

Published December 13, 2013 by Kathleen's Writings & Art

2013-08-03 13.31.59

Laughing children on a sunny day,

barns stacked full with fresh baled hay,

ripened apples on trees in a row,

autumn leaves scattered on the ground below.

Children play in flowered fields,

grazing horses dot the rolling hills,

night is nigh with star splashed sky,

and night will dance with fireflies

Mourned Lost Time

Published December 6, 2013 by Kathleen's Writings & Art


Your unwavering stance

Occupied a barren region,

Lingering there like a withering flower

Before you ultimately departed;

I suffered beforehand –

Missing our laughs, and talks,

And trips to new places –

I endured your scarcity;

I mourn we loss the time

To conquer our declining bonds,

Previous to your leaving, and you

Finding a new dwelling place,

Somewhere I cannot visit – presently;

The ever unfathomable crevice

Between us –

Befalls a mystery to me,

I meditate upon the why.

What threw us into that chasm?

Our not holding each other dear,

Dropping us into that never ending abyss –

I assumed it would pass with the rain,

Then we would have another day,

Another laugh, another talk, one more hug.

It never came to pass –

With great sadness –

Tears grasp around my throat, my mind, my heart.

I shake my head and I say, “Not”.

It is a battle I fight each night,

How I wish it naught!!

My peace I fight to keep.

Let’s Reach Out this Holiday Season!!

Published December 4, 2013 by Kathleen's Writings & Art


Forlorn Song.

She sits alone,

Her skeleton

Pressed, molded,

Wrought by an empty heart.

She sings

A forlorn song,

Purse empty,

Neighbors drift afar,

Afraid to be there,

They point and stare,

Material junk

Seals their hearts.

She wears

A heart heaving

With aches and prayers,

A binding truth and love

She strives to share

But others’ fear

Converts to glare,

And no one steps near.

My Dreams

Published December 2, 2013 by Kathleen's Writings & Art

Kathleen's Writings & Art

thanksgiving after

My dreams arrived true
Of me and you,
Aged fine, and rich of joy,
Love for each other with more to deploy.
Evenings spent cooking, laughter, dancing
And sips of wine,
Eyes sparkling with love divine.
Sitting on the porch and staring at the stars,
A warm summer wind coming from afar,
Fireflies dance and we watch their show,
Shadows dancing in moonlight aglow.
We turn out the lights, and head to our room,
To rest and kiss with morning arriving soon,
Peaceful sleeping and wrapped in your arms,
Dazzled and delighted by only your charms;
You are my soul mate,
My dreams arrived true.

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