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A Child Treasured

Published September 4, 2013 by Kathleen's Writings & Art


The old man slowly arises

From his profound sleep,

Groggy head, blurred vision,

The love of his life, lying at his side,

A solitary tear escaping his pale blue eyes,

A remembrance of their dance engulfing his mind.

They received a son with hair of gold,

A child they treasured, bejeweled in murals upon their walls,

Days of laughter and years in richness,

Sweet smiles and countless kisses.

A man he became as he did grow,

Strong and sturdy, with a heart of dreams.

The day did arrive he resolved his attention

On far away kingdoms with hopes of wealth,

He sailed his ship on waves of grand

A madness he chased while he grew old –

never to return;

His father misses him, his mother cries.

Across the Times

Published August 26, 2013 by Kathleen's Writings & Art

2013-08-25 13.25.26

There was a king adorned with jewels,

Young and handsome, an age of merely thirteen;

He walked the garden yards

And singled out red rose’s blooms,

Not the yellow, pink or white,

Only red roses, and only the blooms;

He played with trick kites, flying helicopters, and

Wooden blocks—building castles, islands, and towers in the sky;

He rode his bike, steering the wheels, staying in the boundaries,

Every day, up and down, up and down the pebbled paths

And slightly rolling hills;

Tick tock, tick tock goes the clock,

But for him—he kept no time;

Sitting quiet, sitting still, he reads his verse,

One line, the next line, one line at a time,

And with the final word read, he wonders a great deal—

About being born, about how to live,

And death that comes across the times;

An elegant sunset, and changing of the light,

He runs across the lawn for his telescope,

And maybe, just maybe, he might eat a little cantaloupe;

Feet in flight, and much to his delight,

A wish to greet the evening stars came true,

He gazes into the nighttime sky,

He does not even question as to why—

Whoosh—his day did disappear,

And time did fly.

Happy Father’s Day!!!

Published June 15, 2013 by Kathleen's Writings & Art


To my Father, Husband, Sons, and all the great Dads!!

Life is full of challenges

With dry and dusty roads

But, we knew we were loved

As you showed us rainbows.

You wiped each tear

And said, “Believe”,

Holding each hand

You taught us to dream.

You could have been weary

But we never knew,

You only showed strength

Healing each wound.

Your words did encourage,

Your wisdom embraced us,

You allowed us our choices

As your prayers did protect us.


We couldn’t have made it in this life full of pathways

If you hadn’t been holding each hand in your heart

Each and every day.

Thank you dad!!

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