9 comments on “Painting by: Kathleen

  • Ms. Stevens, thank you for noticing my blog. I’m glad something about fairy tales or Scottish reading material caught your eye. I compliment this painting! I’m not an art connoisseur but do find certain art striking. Vibrant colours, positive or enchanting emotion, reflections of beauty, and uniqueness of approach. It can be a subject that isn’t done frequently, or something unusual about way it was painted. I’ll share an example.

    In Nova Scotia I saw a piece with a little boy warming his hands in mitts, playing with his cat in a sled. Even though many in the world have cats, focus is too much on dogs. It was a change I admired at once! My cats have walked around with me outside! Also, despite living most of my months in winter, this season is seldom captured even in photographs. Thus this work was unique. I couldn’t afford it but found a smaller version in Edmonton, years later. Your blog and your creativity are lovely.
    Carolyn http://www.CMRiedel.WordPress.com


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