A Child Treasured

Published September 4, 2013 by Kathleen's Writings & Art


The old man slowly arises

From his profound sleep,

Groggy head, blurred vision,

The love of his life, lying at his side,

A solitary tear escaping his pale blue eyes,

A remembrance of their dance engulfing his mind.

They received a son with hair of gold,

A child they treasured, bejeweled in murals upon their walls,

Days of laughter and years in richness,

Sweet smiles and countless kisses.

A man he became as he did grow,

Strong and sturdy, with a heart of dreams.

The day did arrive he resolved his attention

On far away kingdoms with hopes of wealth,

He sailed his ship on waves of grand

A madness he chased while he grew old –

never to return;

His father misses him, his mother cries.

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