Love’s Eternal Song

Published August 15, 2013 by Kathleen's Writings & Art


A time-worn man slopes forward –

With every single footstep he proceeds –

One foot in front of the other –

Along a tree-lined pebbled path,

Oak trees grown and curved,

Arching, covering like umbrellas –

Hiding the sun’s warmth

From his own back.

A wooden cane his constant companion,

Slowly, he strolls headlong –

Hidden within the moss-covered forest,

He salutes an additional day –

With a soul of appreciation;

While butterflies leave their cocoons,

Sun tempting flowers blooms,

God watching light dance upon the waters;

No remorse has he –

For he has loved

Only One other,

His friend, his wife, his lover;

She waits for him –

In the sunlight –

Beyond the forest’s edge;

His journey nearly finished –

Not far from her quietness;

Waiting the day’s end,

He strolls without stopping –

Visions of – hands in hands,

His only love and him.

His cane these days absent,

The sunlight on his back,

They hike the trail christened, ‘Eternity’,

They measure a morning sun rising,

Stirring the earth below,

Shimmering upon the land;

Hand in hand, they smile

While they sing together,

Love’s eternal song.

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